Advanced scientific coloured gem Identification and grading reports

A gemstone is one of nature’s purest and most precious creations. A genuine stone can be extremely valuable. A clever imitation or treated gem can be worth very little and can be hard to detect. At Spectra we have one of the most highly equipped gemmological laboratories in Australia. It allows us to see what others miss.

Expert knowledge

Principal Kym Hughes is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected gemmologists, with specialist knowledge in all areas of gemstone identification, analysis, grading and reporting.

Latest technology

Spectra uses the very latest high-grade equipment to provide a supreme level of accuracy and proficiency.

Unbiased advice

As an independent gemmologist, clients can be confident they will receive a fair, honest, and accurate analysis.

Lower Risk

Unlike many others, Spectra has the added advantage of being able to analyse gems whilst still in their setting. This lowers the risk of damage to the gem or setting.

Our Difference

One of Australia’s leading independent gemstone identification, analysis and grading laboratories since 2012.

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Whether you’re a jewellery retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, or a fellow gem enthusiast, trust Spectra to look beyond what the eye can see.

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We use Australia’s most accurate, state-of-the-art, testing equipment to detect the cleverest of imitations and advanced synthetic treatments.

Our Laboratory

A detailed grading report is provided with every gemstone analysis conducted by Spectra.

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