Our commitment to you is quality assurance through expert and unbiased gemstone identification, analysis and grading.

Spectra provides precise scientific coloured gem testing and grading reports, using state-of-the-art equipment not widely available through other Australian gem laboratories. We are specialists in a wide range of popular gemstones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, jadeites, emeralds, beryls and amethysts.

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to identify even the most inconspicuous treatments and imitations, and the level of detail in our Gem Reports is second-to-none. We will not only indicate whether your gem is natural, treated or synthetic, but also include any relevant information to substantiate our findings.

Boasting superior customer care and professionalism, our trade and consumer clientele alike are assured a seamless customer experience. We genuinely love what we do and go above and beyond to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Spectra is privately owned and fully independent. We do not trade in jewellery or have corporate alliances with other companies, so there is no risk of a biased assessment. Our promise to you is a fair, honest and accurate assessment every time.

Experience Matters

Spectra’s Principal Gemmologist Kym Hughes has over 30 years’ experience refining her craft, and is highly respected within the national and international gemmology community.

Her extensive studies and impressive resume have cemented her reputation as one of the country’s premier gemmological authorities.

Regularly updating her skills through continued professional development both locally and abroad, Kym holds the following qualifications and training:

  • Diploma In Gemmology, FGA (Great Britain)
  • Diploma In Gemmology, FGAA (Australia)
  • Certified Diamond Grader HRD (Antwerp)
  • Diploma In Diamond Technology, DIP DT (Australia)
  • Certificate In Diamond Grading (Australia)
  • Workshop In Synthetic, Imitations, Treated and Fancy Colour Diamonds HRD (Antwerp)
  • Statement Of Attainment in Gem and Jewellery Valuations
  • Workshop In Jade Singapore Polytechnic and Far East Gem Institute
  • Workshop In FTIR And UV-Vis Spectroscopy (Switzerland)

Whether you’re a gemstone retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, or a fellow gem enthusiast, trust Spectra to look beyond what the eye can see.