With each analysis, Spectra provides a comprehensive report detailing whether your gem is natural, treated or synthetic, and explains how this conclusion was reached.

An in-depth grading report is issued with every gemstone analysis conducted by Spectra. The report indicates whether your gem is natural, treated or synthetic, and provides an explanation as to how we arrived at this conclusion. Any other relevant information unearthed during the assessment process which may impact authenticity, value or integrity will also be included.

Standard Cost

A standard gem report costs $160 (inclusive of GST), plus postage costs if applicable.

As president of the peak industry body, the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV), Kym is at the forefront of setting standards in this demanding and highly technical profession.

She has Australian and international qualifications as a diamond grader and gemmologist and regularly updates her skills through industry training both here and overseas.

Conditions and Limitation of Report

The opinions expressed in the report are provided on careful observation and analytical testing, as detailed on the front of the report.

The report cannot take into consideration developments in treatments and manufacturing techniques of synthetics, that have not been recorded or reported in published mainstream gemmological literature, and validated by the scientific community at the time of the report. Only the original complete report, bearing a signature of an authorised representative of Spectra Gem Laboratory with security features remaining intact, shall be deemed authentic. The photograph included on the report is only an indication, and is not necessarily a true reflection of colour and size. If a gemstone is set, all weights and measurements are approximate due to the restriction of the settings.